How to Build a Workout Plan that Works for You!

Losing weight, getting in shape and building muscle are difficult feats to pull off. It’s why so many people end up quitting after just a month of training. There are multiple reasons why people justify not working out. Some blame it on work, children, school and everything else under the sun. In most cases, it’s really due to a lack of motivation. If you’re struggling with sticking to a workout plan, then it’s time you consider creating your own.

Here’s what you can start doing to ensure you stick to your exercise routine.

Find a Powerful Motivator

Before you begin any workout regimen, it’s important to first find a great motivation. This can be a workout buddy to help you stick to your routine. You can also buy cool gadgets that will make you want to work out, such as machines, ropes, medicine balls and whatever else that will enhance your exercises. For others, the right music and scenery is key. If the park is the spot for you, then make sure you get there.

Designing Your Workout Plan

What are your problem areas and what are your goals? If you’re trying to lose weight, then cardio is a must. High-intensity interval training is great for helping you to burn the max amount of calories in little time. If you want to get bulkier and stronger, then weight training should definitely be in your plan. However, if you’re just looking to get fit, meaning build your endurance, then you want to do a lot of biking, swimming, jogging and climbing. Make this fun by having friends join you on your adventures.

Make a Monthly Schedule

Organization is key to sticking to your routine. Make sure you know exactly which days you’re working out and what you’re doing. You can use a Canon printer to design a calendar and then print it out. Hang this up on your fridge or bedroom where you can easily spot it each day. Remember, out of sight, out of mind!

Hopefully, you can create a regimen that really works for you. Don’t be afraid to tweak your plan as you see fit. The more you like it, the more likely you’ll stick to it.

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